Outdoor Heating

Planning Your Outdoor Heater

Temperatures can drop outdoors and almost any time of year. Whether you are a homeowner wanting to spend as much time as possible in your beautiful backyard patio or deck area, a business owner wanting to expand seating capacity at your restaurant or hotel wishing to keep your poolside warm and inviting, a living flame patio heater can provide the warmth and comfort you desire.

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Types of Outdoor Heater Solutions to consider:
Different outdoor locations typically demand a differant type of heater. Most outdoor heaters throw heat in a circle, while hanging Strip Heaters are focused in one direction. Strip heaters are usually mounted 6 to 11 feet high with brackets, while patio heaters come in tabletop, ceiling-mount, and in-ground forms. Patio heaters can provide circular heat up to 15-20 feet in diameter by raising the temperatures anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees depending on size and BTU. Strip heaters do a better job when more focused, intense heat is needed. They are also designed with aesthetics in mind to compliment your restaurant, patio, poolside or deck. Strip heaters, as the work horse of the outdoor heaters, have are streamlined appearance designed around their function that can be hidden or placed in out of the way areas above tables and seating locations.

Important Information when Choosing Your products
Portable Heaters – Full-sized outdoor heating units without a fixed fuel line. These outdoor heating units are moveable and provide up to a 20 foot warmth diameter. If flexibility is what you need, a portable heater can be moved to wherever more warmth is desired. Most are designed with a compartment for their propane fuel tanks and can easily be moved with added wheels or simply rolling on there base to the needed location. Propane outdoor heater units can provide up to 40,000 BTU's of radiant heat and typically include adjustable thermostats so you can enjoy a comfortable setting for your barbeque or outdoor activities.